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ELLER machines - for all needs the right machine

Our wide product range offers you solutions for individual processes as well as for entire production processes up to complete solutions.

Convince yourself and find out more about our extensive product range!

Together with well-known partner companies, we also offer dicing machines, cutters, mincers, emulsifier, packaging machines etc. as a supplement to our systems.

Universal ovens, cooking kettles and cooling plants

Universal units of ELLER for cooking, reedening, maturing, roasting up to 240°C, baking, refining, drying, scalding, cold-, warm- or hot smoking of various products even for small companies as well as for industrial companies. Intensive cooling systems are also part of the ELLER product range.

Pickle injectors, tumblers, mixers & brine mixers

Pickling and marinating is not a big deal with the machines from ELLER.

Drying Maturing units & smoke generators

Units for maturing of meat (dry-aged beef) or for maturing/aftermaturing of raw hams, salami or raw sausages is no problem for ELLER. Smoke generators for sawdust, woodchips, friction or liquid smoke completes the package.


Form pressing machines of ELLER for pressing of fresh meat for highest product yield.

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Are you looking for used machines or special offers? Then contact us and find the right used machine for your production!
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